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I was born in Buffalo,N.Y. and lived in Lackawanna, N.Y. until I moved to Rio Rico, the age of 16. When in N.Y. I was a tomboy and very adventurous. From the age of 3, I marched in parades, took gymnastics,ballet, tap and jazz dance classes. My life pretty much resembled "The Wonder Years".Everyone looked out for each other.I believe we were the first family to move out of the old neighborhood in 1973.

We moved to the fall of 1973 along with hundreds of families that flock to Rio Rico that summer.There was about 50 kids from all over the U.S. N.Y., Michigan, Texas, California, We were all in the same boat. Moving away from your home town while being in high school.It was the year of dune buggies, dirt bikes, streaking and keg parties out in the desert.

"I made the jokes, you all did the worrying,

Kim Scupin"


Kim's Story

My Progress and Thanks!

So my 20 weeks of Chemo is finally over. Next comes surgery, and then radiation. I just want to say thank you to all my friends and family. I had the easy part. Go to chemo, lay around, and have everyone wait on me and drive me around. I made the jokes, you all did the worrying.

  • To my coworkers Julie Morris and Vickie, who visited me regularly, brought me food, lotions and other goodies. Took me out for dinner and ice cream and let me know there's life outside of my house and cancer.
  • To Aaron Renzi who called and came by every other day, cooked , took out my trash, and worked on my TV firestick.
  • To Cindy Renzi and Paulette Renzi Robinson who came and stayed over night, cared for me, cooked and sewed.
  • To Kelly Scupin Yob for driving back and fourth weekly from Phoenix. Not only taking care of the girls and Jason, but dealing with a daughter and grandson that were and still are in dire need of attention. She still found time to help and care for me when I was at my sickest and weakest point.... U2 here we come!

I married at the age of 18, had 4 children and by the age of 30 was divorced and a single mother of 3 sons and 1 daughter.I supported them by working as a Bank Teller during the day and bartended at night, all the while involving the kids in baseball, soccer and dance. Now I love living alone with peace and quiet, work at a bookstore and spend time with friends and my 4 grandchildren and my great grandson.

The 2 things I love to do in life is dancing whenever I can and travel.From the time I lived with my parents when I was younger or when I was married, I loved to travel. I never get homesick. I've been to Italy, Hong Kong,"the Alaskan Highway" and 42 out of 50 states here in the U.S.. North Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin,Delaware, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire are the remaining states that I need to visit .

I recommend that you get off the highways and explore the countryside. America is beautiful..For the last 6 years I've been going on an all girls getaway to the Carribean . We have been exploring different islands every year. We are there during Labor Day week and if it wasn't for my breast cancer this year we all would have been there during the 2 category 5 hurricanes that past through these tropical islands.

One of the things on my Bucket List is to take a train through Europe and stop off and spend time in every country. Plans will have to wait until I retire and able to spend a few months there.
This year has been the year of "pajamas" and I have been sharing my results and progress with friends and family on Facebook. My advice to anyone dealing with breast cancer is to stay away from negative people and energy.I didn't get as sick as I should have and I believe it's because I stay positive, have positive energy and I keep my sense of humor.

  • To Jessica Celentano and Patrick Scupin (my maintenance man). who took me and waited upon hours at every MRI , doctors appointment , biopsy, and Chemo treatment.
  • To Ashley Butcher who has become the strongest of them all. When I was first diagnosed with cancer she was dealing with a critically ill infant who was hospitalized for a month, and when I started chemo she came everyday while everyone else was working, bring Squishy and everything he needed. She lugged me around to grocery stores and took me shopping to get me out of the house. When I was weak and gray on the couch and she was afraid to leave me alone, she called her mom but never showed me how concerned she was for me. You all had the hardest part, I still need your help but its almost over. I couldn't have done it without you.
    Love, Kim, Mom & Nana.
  • Krystal Robles Thank you for the eyes on the back of my head.

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With all the beautiful flowers and scenery, I definitely wore the right colors. You made my eyes pop and look gorgeous Nadia. Thank you again for making me feel like a million.