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One day my life was relatively happy, healthy and active. The next day, I sat in front of an oncologist who was telling me I was “HER2+ protein positive.” I was shocked. scared. Angry. In denial. 

I often describe my treatment period as “a year from hell.” Like thousands of women before me, I went through radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. Even with the support of family and friends, a woman in breast cancer treatment can feel alone and helpless. I wanted to take positive action-- to have some control over this traumatic life event.

In addition to MDs, I saw a naturopath and added holistic supplements and probiotics to my plan. I decided to become a vegetarian. I exercised regularly (often before treatment sessions.) I started positive visualizations and affirmations, and watched comedy shows that could make me laugh. I also began documenting my experience through photography, and I came to believe that it, too, was an important part of my treatment.

Nadia Larsen | Founder Nadia Strong Foundation in Tucson, AZ

“Documenting my own fight helped me immensely. I believe it can help other women. Nadia Larsen.”


Nadia's Story

At Tucson Surgery Center with Dr Ducharme of Saguaro Surgical who  surgically inserted and removed the port. I was be done! While talking to Dr. Ducharme, suddenly all these emotions and visuals came back to me - my personal horror movie. Very sad. Removing the port was symbolic of, "I am done with this hell!"

Every woman is different and will endure and overcome the battle in her own way. My desire is that women would realize that they truly are not alone, and that support from other women who have gone through or are going through treatment can make a positive difference.

I would like to help in my own small way, using my photography abilities to document their personal struggles. My goal is also to become a place to share ideas and resources.

I encourage you to sign up for a free photography session by calling 520-245-8888 or completing the form on this page and let's get to know each other.

Nadia Larsen living her new normal.

More Hope & Victory

From left to right - daughter Bridgette, Nadia, daughter Sylvia and son Andrew. All 4 turned vegan after watching "What The Health" documentary on Netflix which was suggested by son Andrew. 

Picture taken January 2018.