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I was on the phone with my dear friend, asking about how she and her family were doing since she'd been cancer free for a year, when my doctor called to say that my biopsy was positive. I was stunned. I don't believe in coincidence, so it was a huge blessing that I was able to process the news immediately with a beautiful warrior who has been there.

My next thought was, "I don't have time for cancer. My life is too busy, and I don't want the inconvenience of this." As if there were ever a "right time" for cancer! After that, my fight kicked in. Beating cancer is a foregone conclusion, the only variable is how. We found that I have the BRCA1 pathogenic gene, so my options are a little more limited, but I have felt a great deal of freedom and empowerment as I make choices about my care.

“ I have a new language to learn, new emotions to deal with, and a new battle to fight. Yolanda Weinberger.”


Yolanda's Story

I figure I can dwell in sadness, pity, bitterness and isolation, or I can kick cancer's butt with faith, humor, friends, and positivity. I choose the latter. That's not to say that I don't have down days, but I definitely feel the love and positive energy from friends across the country. I still have quite a way to go, but am nearly finished with chemotherapy.

Part of staying positive is accepting the kindness and generosity of others. A thankful heart has no room for bitterness. Nadia's generous spirit and desire to help women who are going through this difficult journey is inspiring. By encouraging us to look our best, she helps us to feel lovely; that's something that you can forget in the midst of this fight. She's been there, and has lots of resources to share. For those qualities, and her feisty, fun personality I am very thankful to be able to call her friend and ally along this journey.

Blogging has been a wonderful way to process this journey, and to maintain my voice during a time where the diagnosis and treatment can seem larger than life. I invite you to follow me on my journey - Visit

More Hope & Victory

Just like with treatment, with regard to sharing her diagnosis, each woman has to make the best decision for herself and her situation. I decided to be open about my fight, and share the journey with others. Once I told people I was fighting breast cancer, the support and love was overwhelming. It was so overwhelming, in fact, that I decided to start a blog to help deal with all the inquiries about my health.