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As the adage goes, "Laughter is The Best Medicine." We hope you enjoy the humorous comments below:

A young man went to confession. The confessor started with, "Father forgive me for I have sinned. The priest immediately interrupted with, "I know my son, I saw it on Facebook!"

Ok so it's crazy world soccer!

A guy is sitting next to a man who is attending a soccer game and a seat holder of the empty seat next to him in a stadium where thousands of fans are watching a soccer game asks, "why the empty seat being such expensive seat?

The man responded sadly that, "for years my wife and I bought the most expensive seats and attended all the games. But, she died.

The guy consoles him and then asks, "couldn't you find someone to bring with you? Perhaps  a neighbor, a friend, a relative?

The seat holder responded, no they are all at the funeral.

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